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Mani in fasce is a group been born by the collaboration of six professionals to accompany the couples in one of the most important moments of their life, that of the formation of a new family.

The group promotes the course of wellness in pregnancy and preparation to the birth “Le mani invisibili che accompagnano alla nascita” and it is a resource to offering an integrated and  more structured support in comparison to the classical pre-birth courses.


The course includes shared experiences, practical activities, exercises and techniques to learn.

Each appointment will be organized by one or more professionals who have combined their skills to offer in one place an all-round pregnancy support.

Various materials are available: paper and digital materials, video projector, cushions, dolls, baby care accessories, dummies for exercises, balls, blankets, etc.

Do we really know what we bring to the table? Is the product label really so clear? If there were no more labels and you lost the traceability of products, would you still buy the products on sale in supermarkets?
This is what could be risk if the agreement between the United States and Europe, which provides for the integration of the two markets through the removal of economic and non-tariff barriers, should be successful.
We will discover together what is really inside the products that we daily buy at the supermarket and we will learn to make more informed choices without being guided exclusively by advertising messages.

Hemp is a plant with important nutritional properties, first of all its extraordinary composition in essential fatty acids extremely balanced and difficult to find in other foods. It is therefore a healthy food that can be introduced into everyday nutrition in the form of oil, flour or even seeds.

Together with Stefano and Simone, owners of the Green Utopia Hemp Shop store (via Crema 20, Milan - Porta Romana) we created the event

“I benefici sulla salute dei prodotti alimentari a base di canapa” at the library Crescenzago: I, as a nutritionist, have illustrated its nutritional properties and its possible use for the control of diseases such as hypercholesterolemia and diabetes; Stefano, as a producer, trader and consumer, has exposed the organoleptic characteristics of the hemp products and the main uses in the kitchen.

Our collaboration, born almost by chance, is expected to last.

We plan to replicate the event at other libraries, fairs and show-cooking evenings.

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